Barkingham Palace Dog Grooming

 Puppy Academy With Snuggles
A Diploma to Pups in Grooming Etiquette

Grooming is an essential part of most modern dogs lives now and their training in learning how to behave when being groomed is just as important as house training and social skills. Barkingham Palace  Boutique Spa offers a full Diploma to all pups in Grooming etiquette. This involves 4 grooming sessions (ending with a full puppy groom).

Course Structure 

First session – Table stability, noise exposure and handling
Second session – Nail Clipping, scissor exposure and relaxation towards equipment
Third session – Brush work, simple clipper introduction and ear cleaning
Fourth session – Full puppy groom including bath, blow dry and scissor finish

Prices from just £100 for a full course

Our puppy academy is held within our boutique New Forest Dog Salon. Ensuring comfort for your pooch is paramount. 


Booking Information

All appointments must be used within 6 weeks
Puppy is classed as a dog no older than 6 months old
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